Anupam Achhami

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Hello, I'm Anupam Achhami

I am the Managing Director of  as well as LIVE sound mixing, LD-Lighting designer, LED screen /Audiovisual /Hybrid Virtual event tech and also a creative MGFX, Set /Stage designer. I had been working in this field since 2006. From 2017 I have started my own company as .

I worked as HOD in this profession with 400+ International Events, 700+ National Events, 900+ Corporate events, 2000+ Local events, 300+ Virtual events, 10+ Timecode Lighting with Visuals, 4+ Surround 7.1 sound in the event venue & 100+ Set/ Stage/ Lighting Design as well as worked in India, Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand.

Pro Audio, Stage Lighting, LED screen, Visuals, Projection and Hybrid Virtual Event for LIVE Events & Entertainment Industry since 2006.

What I Do

LED Screen Operating
Light Programming /Operating
Live Sound Mixing
Projection Mapping
Time-code Lighting Show
Lighting /Design Visualization
Set /Stage Design
Motion Graphics
Live Recording
Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering